Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When Quoddy was REALLY wild ... with wolves!

When the airline from Calais to Bangor was first opened, this old article claimed wolves were a problem.

From: http://www.calaisalumni.org/

" When the "Airline Stage Company" finally opened a track from Bangor to Calais in the mid 1800's they were awarded the contract for mail delivery to Calais, a contract long held by the Shore Line stage company which came up the coast. This was a serious financial blow to the Shore Line because most passengers took the mail stage and switched to the Airline Route which was also 6 hours shorter. The Shore Line folks took the offensive with the attached ad which was printed in newspapers and posted in public places. They spread false stories of the "Airline" coach being regularily preyed upon by vicious packs of wolves. It didn't work as the Airline stage ran for many years over our beloved Airline even though the road became known as the "Wolf Route". - Al Churchill"

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