Friday, September 4, 2009

Moon Magic

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Tim Foulkes sent this photo of the moon around yesterday. I was so impressed with the quality that I asked for more info. Here it is.

Hi Art
Yes, the moon shot was taken last night from my deck in Bayside with my Z28 Panasonic camera with its Leica lens and 18 x optical zoom.
The image stabilization system works well if the camera is held steady, and supporting it on the edge of the roof helped.

EXIF information is available, so from Windows Explorer or Viewer, if you right click on the file or image to pull down the menu, then click on Properties at the bottom, and select the Advanced button of the Summary tab, you will have all the details, like type of camera, software version, focal length (86 mm), shutter speed (1/320 sec), aperture (f 5.6), metering method (spot), etc, etc.

Most digital images have this EXIF info imbedded in them, (all mine have) even after they have been cropped as this one was.

It's not bad for a $400 camera!

I took a daytime shot on August 27 when it was half full, and I did not have a support of any kind for the camera, but I was sitting on a peninsula of rock where Greenlaw Brook enters the lower Waweig river.

Moon mad

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