Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Bay of Fundy Whale Watching continues into October

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Here are the latest posts from Quoddy Link Marine,  Brier Island Whales, and Brier Island Nature Blog. Still looks great out there!!  Did you know that the Bay stays warm well into the fall? It may be getting cold on the deck of a boat, but its still summer under water!




posted by Shelley Barnaby at Brier Island Whales - 2 days ago
*Teather's 08 calf* *Haze's 08 calf * ** *Peedee's 08 calf* Hello Everyone and thanks for checking in! As the season slows down, we have a the opportunity to sift ...
posted by Shelley Barnaby at Brier Island Whales - 1 week ago
*Viper* Fin Whales at the Bulkhead Rip. Hello everyone! We decided to take advantage of the great weather and conducted a full day research cruise. We left bright and early and headed across the Bay t...

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