Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eagles Meeting Place at Deer Island

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Hi Art –
Thought I'd send this along, although quality isn't as good as most photos I see on ILQW.
Was travelling on the Deer Island Princess on Aug. 27 headed to Deer Island, when Colin,who works on the boat, alerted us to 7 or 8 bald eagles sitting on this exposed rock. I had noticed a couple of eagles fly by the front of the boat and assumed they were landing in the trees... but instead they were gathering here as the tide was coming in, waiting for...?  Or maybe it was just a "Sunday Social". Anyway there appears to be 5 in this photo, on the south side of MacMasters Island.
Mary Bartlett
P.S. I love this ILQW site! Always something nice to look at over coffee & flakes in the a.m.

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  1. I had four or five in front of the house yesterday and fish in the water over the bank. I am thinking of setting up the blind, if I can find time. Joyce