Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wild Week with the Finbacks

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In the 11 years that we, here at Island Quest, have been whale watching we have never had a more eventful week with the Finbacks! On any one departure we have multiple fins all around the boat, upwards of 6-7 at a time and even 11 on one departure!!!! AMAZING!

A total of 13 Bald Eagles have been sighted at one time, as well as MORE neat sights such as Blue Fin Tuna breaching, Puffin sightings, Northern Gannets dive bombing, Harbour Porpoise coming so close you could touch them and the fins lunge feeding, rolling on their sides around the boat and showing their fluke (tail)!!! WOW, WOW, WOW! A lot of these sightings are unusual to see and I am happy to say that our guests have had some amazing sightings that not everyone gets! Here are some photos that I have managed to capture in the past few days.

Text and photo from: Island Quest Marine

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  1. That's Julie's house, she has sent in comments. She is at the south end of the finback foraging path. J.