Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CREATURES: The Hummers and the Hornet.

Originally posted on August 8, 2012 by Art

Hummingbird_Aerial Acrobatics
Hummingbird_Aerial Acrobatics (Photo credit: stanlupo)
We have a couple of great hummingbird youngsters enjoying our backyard and giving no end of entertainment with their spectacular aerial “dogfights”. We usually keep two or three feeders and Marg’s spectacular kitchen garden has a constantly changing kaleidoscope of flowers to attract them as well.+
One of the feeders is at the window outside my little computer room, so I am constantly entertained by their antics and the occasional visit from one of our squirrels or chipmunks. But over the last week there has been something totally different. Apparently a hornet (A yellow-jacket actually.) decided the feeder was his and has been defending it whenever a hummer shows up. The hummers are respectful of their neighbour and they will flit about looking before they try to feed. Sure enough, the hornet will zip in from somewhere close and engage the hummer. Usually the hornet will win after a brief battle between the two.+
I’ve never seen this before. But, apparently, others have becase a brief internet search brought up some interesting photos, including the one with the little tale.+
Have you seen hummers dueling with insects at your feeder?

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