Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ART MACKAY: Forging a new future ... Art, Documents and more!

It's amazing how far behind you can get when you work for a living! I retired 2 years ago in March and found that I had a ton of work to do to sell our house and downsize our accumulated piles of artwork, books, documents, and items of all descriptions.The idea is to move to accommodations that will let us do some fun stuff.

So, the next few months are devoted to finishing the house for sale and selling off most of our physical accumulation. In the meantime I am also organizing my documents and artwork for sale. I've spent hours trying to figure out where to place these. Many of the documents will be made available free, others will come at a price to cover costs. Oh yes, if you are a collector, originals will be offered as well.

More and more interesting stuff should be posted weekly at my chosen sites. At this time you can review my artwork at:


and available documents at:

www.scribd.com/Art MacKay

Here's a sample of artwork posted up until February 1, 2011.

No videos or pictures in your ILQW email? See them at http://ilovequoddywild.blogspot.com

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