Tuesday, December 7, 2010

COUGAR: Sightings between Campobello and Machias

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During the years that I worked at the University in Machias ( from 1972 to 1985) I would drive up from Campobello around 9AM three days a week. The first time the cat crossed the road this side of the lake, I could hardly believe my eyes. I had seen a cougar close up in New Mexico, so I really thought I had seen one. In the following years I saw this animal cross the road several times at the same time and the same place, a short distance ahead in front of the car. I told all kinds of people, but got very little response.


Eastern Cougar (Endangered Animals Series)

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  1. This topic was hot on my list several years ago while attempting to find reasons to stop heavy industry (open pit mines) expanding in Bayside.
    Wayne Beaumaster had videos to back up his claims of repeated sightings in the area.
    Irene Scarratt and others in St Andrews claim to have seen them. In Jan. 22/02 CBC made a video: http://archives.cbc.ca/400d.asp?id=1-75-1391-8975
    As long as there is a possibility of these critters being "escaped or released pets", or migrated western cougars, government can find excuses not to get involved with any steps that might lead to protect them along with all the attendant cost and hassle to heavy industry that would affect their (our) habitat.