Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greater White-fronted Goose at McLeod Farm, Oak Bay

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Nature NB reported a Great White-fronted Goose at Oak Bay this week.

White-fronted GooseImage via WikipediaMacLeod's farm can be reached by taking the Waweig/Lawrence Station turn off, off  Route 1 on the way to St. Stephen. Head north on Route 127. (a  right turn) at the end of the ramp turn off until you come to the  Cross Roads Convenience Store. Here make a left turn onto the  McALellan Road go up over the hill to the stop sign, this road now  becomes Sawyer Road - go along this until the next stop sign and this road ends and you will be at the MacLeod's farm. The Goose has been  in the field to the right with a number of other Canada Geese, the driveway along the field will lead you up to a couple of farm houses and barns.
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