Monday, October 4, 2010

Fundy Mystery Apple

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Sorry about the previous post that just said "Fundy Mystery".  Hit the wrong key or something!

I have a couple of wild apple trees, widely separated, that produce a red apple that has flesh tinged with red throughout as per attached photo. The bigger of these trees has grown from a seedling that I have watched grow from a sprout beside my driveway since about 1980.

A friend said it was a "Brunswicker", but the description in and
does not match.

I heard that Kingsbrae Gardens had such an apple in their selection of old varieties, but I forget its name. It was at the back of the row, on the left, as I recall.

This is such an attractive and delicious apple I'd like to know more about it, and, if it is indeed unusual, perhaps propagate it by grafting, but I am very ignorant about this art and science. I'd like to see New Brunswick regain its lead as an apple producer, and cider too!

I realize that every seed grown from an apple will probably produce a different variety, so to have two similar wild apples on my property (maybe more) seems unusual, as is this pink fleshed apple.

I look forward to your comments.
Tim Foulkes


  1. Perhaps it's a Canadian Maple Leaf apple.

    It may have taxonomic progeny. See...

  2. Here's a source for numerous varieties of red-flesh apples...