Saturday, October 23, 2010

AERIALS: Simpson Hill trails and colours from the air.

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Here are 3 pics I shot of our recent work area on Simpson Hill at 12:26 today with my Canon A650, reduced to 1/2 size and tweaked with PSP 1 step photo fix.

The first one shows Chamcook Rd #3 and the dirt road into the rail bed, our Trailhead #3.

As you can see, there are lots of shades of yellow, and I don't know which are Beech trees in order to find our grove. We can only guess where our trails go. The poplars, birch, striped maple and some other maples are yellow too!

Its easier to see the pines amongst the spruce as they are a lighter green and have distinctive branches. Those dead looking trees may also be the old pines we saw.

Even with more resolution our trails would be invisible, but its nice seeing "our" forest from an eagle's perspective.  Its "Acadian" nature is really obvious this time of year.


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