Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vera Francis nominated for Natural Resource Council of Maine Award

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NRCM Announces Its Fifth Annual People's Choice Award Nominees

NOMINEE: Vera Francis, Perry
Vera is a proud Passamaquoddy woman who spearheaded and vigilantly worked in preventing a Liquefied Natural Gas company from establishing residency on the beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay at Sipayik, Maine. This gas company not only would have devastated our traditional and cultural life source, but it would have destroyed an important cultural place for our people to gather, pray, and have ceremonies. Vera included others in her work, but because of her silent, but powerful humility, she would not take as much credit as I or someone else would give her. She would say, "I didn't do it alone." True, but her leadership, persistence, and passion is why I believe she should receive this award. She truly is an inspiration in accomplishing what most thought was impossible—to defeat a powerful company such as a Liquefied Natural Gas company. Our non-profit group is called N'tutlankeyutmonen N'kihtaqmikon. In our Passamaquoddy language, it means, "We are taking care of our land."

Congratulations Vera! Your work has been appreciated by all of your neighbours around the Bay.

Photo: Vera Francis at Split rock, Art MacKay

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