Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thousands of Storm Petrels off Grand Manan

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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 23:19:35 -0300
From: Laurie Murison from NatureNB
Subject: north fulmar, Wilson's storm petrels

We did a boat trip along the eastern side of Grand Manan today for birds and we were greeted with several thousand Wilson's storm petrels (and at least 1 Leach's storm petrel) shortly after leaving North Head. If you are coming to Grand Manan they should be visible from the ferry.

We also had a light phase northern fulmar. Additional birds included Atlantic puffin, common murres, razorbills, northern gannets, black guillemot, greater and sooty shearwaters, herring and greater black backed gulls.

The fog prevented us from seeing any large whales south of White Head but we did see a minke whale off Swallowtail. Harbour porpoises and harbour seals were also seen.

Thursday evening there were at least 2 minke whales at the Whistle (Long Eddy Point) and also a fin whale. Wednesday afternoon there was a breaching minke whale at the Whistle that breached 20+ times as it headed toward the Wolves and probably continued after we left since it didn't seem to be showing any signs of stopping.

Laurie Murison
Grand Manan, NB

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