Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hawk Watching (and more) at Greenlaw Mountain, St. Andrews Peninsula

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Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 18:06:35 -0300
From: Todd Watts - NatureNB Listserv
Subject: Greenlaw Mountain Report

Greenlaw Mountain Hawks

May 2, 2010

Turkey Vulture 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 12
Broad-winged Hawk 60
Unidentified Buteo 1
Unidentified Raptor 1


Great Blue Heron 2
Cormorant 15

Observation Period: 9:15AM to 3:00PM

Weather: Light air movement from the SE and clouds started the day. Downeast Maine looked rather dreary. As the day progressed, the sun occasionally broke through the clouds. Winds were light and from the SE shifting to SW and back to SE.

Notes: Southern Maine's Bradbury Mountain Hawk Watch's May 1 report of 425 raptors and a promising weather forecast coxed me up the mountain in hopes of seeing hundreds of Broad-wings. Unfortunately, weather conditions turned out to be less than ideal. The day started off terribly slow. Only four migrating raptors were spotted during the first two hours of observation. Very few birds of any type were seen flying. Raptor movement then picked up, only to slow back down again. Almost all of today's birds came in one at a time and at low altitude. Most of them were distant. It wasn't the exciting day that I hoped for, but it was a good day for keeping my skills sharp and learning more about spring hawk movements in SW New Brunswick. Greenlaw Mountain continues to show lots of potential for spring flights.

As I prepared to leave home this morning, a single Black and White Warbler(FOY) was observed.

Todd Watts
Kerr's Ridge

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