Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Birds Flocking into Bay of fundy Area

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NatureNB reports spring birds flooding into New Brunswick and even an early spring pepper. On Grand Manan ,Roger Burrows reported grackles, starlings and other birds on March 20th while Laurie Murison reported the following from Long Eddy Point:
harbour porpoises
harbour seals
1 common loon (non-breeding plumage)
1 double-crested cormorant
many black guillemots (breeding and non-breeding plumage)
1 puffin
common murres and possible thick-billed murres
many red-breasted mergansers
2 brant feeding (not on eel grass)
herring gulls
greater black back gulls

In the woods: dark-eyed juncos, robins, woodcock, white-throated sparrow, black-capped chickadees. No grackles yet.
Photo Credit, Common Grackle: 

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