Thursday, October 8, 2009

Students From Quoddy Stewards Course Tour Bay of Fundy's Quoddy Area

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Capt. John Eldridge and his staff gives safety instruction on the Quoddy Link Catamaran.

Students, teachers, and several resource folks (that's how I got invited!!!) from St. George, St. Andrews, and St. Stephen toured Quoddy yesterday with Captain John Eldridge at the wheel of the catamaran Quoddy Link and guides Danielle and Jolinne providing information about the animals, birds, and activities of the area. The tour proceeded from St. Andrews across Passamaquoddy Bay and out to White Horse Island in search of humpbacks. With a good chop developing, we didn't stay too long, but headed inshore, down through Head Harbour Passage and the Old Sow Whirlpool and back to St. Andrews via Passamaquoddy Bay. It wasn't the greatest day with overcast and rain and a blow threatening to arrive any time. But everyone enjoyed the beauty of the area; the birds, the seals, and the two minke whales that were kind enough to show up for a brief period. As usual, harbour porpoise were everywhere and filled in the gaps as we moved from place to place.

Stops were made at a salmon site and weir were the guides provided information about these unique Quoddy enterprises. The LNG issue was discussed in Head Harbour Passage where everyone could see the restricted and turbulent waters there and in the Old Sow Whirlpool where they mainly saw upwellings and dozens of small "piglet" whirpools.

All-in-all it was a great trip. Thanks everyone!!

Funding for the Quoddy Stewards Program was provided by the NB Environmental Trust Fund, the Atlantic Coastal Action Program of Environment Canada, and NB Department of Education, Innovative Learning Fund.

Photo Credit: Art MacKay

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