Friday, September 18, 2009

New Bay of Fundy Hawk Watch at Greenlaw Mountain Takes Off!

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In the last few days,Todd Watt's new hawk watch at Greenlaw Mountain near St. Andrews has really taken off with counts over 500 each of these days! Here's the count for September 15th:

2 Turkey Vulture
5 Osprey
2 Bald Eagle
5 Northern Harrier
32 Sharp-shinned Hawk
482 Broad-winged Hawk
6 American Kestrel
3 Unidentified Raptor

Broad-winged Hawk has been the most numerous, but there are lots of other interesting sightings as well and many hawks come in close to entertain the observers. As Todd said in his NatureNB post, A couple other pairs of eyes would certainly have increased numbers. You can help by contacting Todd about participating at fishbird at nb dot sympatico dot ca.

Local and Provincial tourism folks should pay particular attention to these results. As word of this new attraction spreads, birders will be attracted to the site, as they are elsewhere. As I suggested many years ago to previous operators of the Rossmount Inn, Chamcook Mountain is an equally interesting site just next door to Greenlaw Mountain and, properly promoted and controlled, could provide an interesting and profitable service to this niche market.


Photo Credit Broad-winged Hawk: Wikipedia

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