Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mystery Vine at Bay of Fundy's Simpson Hill

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Here is something new to be seen in the wilderness on Simpson Hill. (Just starting up Yellow Jacket trail from branch to Cedars trail)

The first photo is an overall view of the vine that has "taken root" near the broken top of a very tall  (30 ft) stump of an old poplar tree (second photo) which is leaning over so that the tendrils of  the vine have descended to the ground along the trunk of a fir tree, last photo.

These are not Tarzan compatible but could be fun for fairies, pixies, etc. I have not been up this part of the Yellow Jacket trail since early spring, but feel that this must be all one seasons growth!

It does not have any nasty razor wire type barbs like some vines from the deep south, so am inclined to leave it, even if it is an invasive species. Who knows what forest critters may be enjoying it?

Any ideas?


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