Monday, September 28, 2009

Flappin' Flippers at Bay of Fundy's South Wolf Island

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The crew and passengers on the Quoddy Link Marine cruise to the Wolves yesterday saw a spectacular show as a group of humpbacks breached, rolled, played and flapped their flippers. The photo below is only one of many of Danielle's great whale photos for the day. See the rest at:

From Danielle's blog:

Then an adult whale (might have been Colorado or maybe Notchy) and Colorado's 2009 calf started to flipper slap. The pectoral flippers of humpbacks are incredibly long, up to 1/3 their body length. You can see the size difference between the adults and the Colorado's calf's pectoral flippers, it was so sweet to see both of them slapping their pecs at the same time!!

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