Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trawling for whales in the Bay of Fundy

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Since the fog went away, everyone has become exceptionally busy as we attempt to "do summer" in the few remaining weeks in August.The result for us here at ILQW is spotty reporting as many of the whale watchers spend their time on the water or collapsing in bed. So we decided to go trawling on the web for whale sightings. Enjoy these spectacular reports.

August 7, 2009 - Quoddy Link Marine: On both yesterday and today's departure we spent time with finbacks on the morning and afternoon trips (on the flood tide, where the whales were feeding between Bliss and Blacks) and with minke whales in Head Harbour Passage on the ebb tide.

August 10, 2009 -  Quoddy Link Marine: Hey everyone, what a great couple of days we have had whale watching. On August 8th and the 10th we had finback whales on all 3 departures and yesterday we had 2 trips with fins (the 2:00 pm departure was incredible, some really great sightings) and then we had a great evening trip with minke whales. We have some reports of humpbacks closer to St. Andrews, still out of our reach for a regular trip but definitely closer, it's great news!

August 12, 2009 - Brier Island Nature Blog: Hi Everyone Just got back from a beautiful day on the water. I went out with my husband on Brier Island Whale & Seabird Cruises and we sighted 7 humpbacks, 2 Minke whales, Lots of Red-necked Phalaropes, Red Phalaropes, Puffins, Sooty and Greater Shearwaters, i noticed that the sooty shearwaters are outnumbering the greater shearwaters this year. Lots of Harbor Porpoises.

August 13, 2009 - Quoddy Link Marine: Hello all, what an absolutely gorgeous day on the water! We had another full day and the water was so calm today you forgot you were on the open Bay of Fundy! We had great finback and minke whale sightings on all 3 departures today 

August 14, 2009 - Quoddy Link Marine: Hello all, what an absolutely gorgeous day on the water! We had another full day and the water was so calm today you forgot you were on the open Bay of Fundy! We had great finback and minke whale sightings on all 3 departures today.

August 14, 2009 - Brier Island Nature Blog: We sighted Squiggle and calf with Flame hanging out. Then we travelled toward western light and sighted Foggy and Peajack playing in the rockweed. You could say it was their day at the spa, a seaweed wrap. Peajack was upside down when he brought his tail out as you can see if the pictures! We also sighted alot of Harbor Porpoise today and some grey seals popping their heads up and sunning themselves.

August 15, 2009 - Grand Manan Whale Camp. Today we went out on the Day's Catch for the last time this season and were treated to the best show yet! Loads of harbour porpoise everywhere, then fin whales, then humpbacks, who were breaching, tail lobbing and fin slapping... and then the RIGHT WHALE!!!! The distinctive V-shaped blow was obvious, and we were treated to views of its tail.

August 16, 2009- Quoddy Link Marine: Hello everyone, we had another great day on the water today. Our morning trip was a charter with Grand Circle Tours, an American motor coach company where we take them from St. Andrews to Campobello and visit with some Bay of Fundy nature and sites along the way and we did see 3 minke whales in Head Harbour Passage. Our afternoon trip was very special, we had an incredible view of a minke whale feeding right beside the boat!  

Photo by Jolinne, Quoddy Link Marine
 August 16, 2009 - Grand Manan Whale Camp: What an evening for the last whale watch trip for the season here at Whale Camp. Beautiful flat calm seas, warm weather and reports of right whales in the basin. So we headed on out, saw humpbacks breaching, sang the harbour porpoise song for the last time and saw them too, then in the distance, more whales behaving at the surface.... a pair of right whales.

August 16, 2009 - Brier Island Nature Blog: Hi Everyone Yesterday i went out whale watching in the afternoon. It was foggy and we had a hard time trying to lcate the whales but perserverance paid off. Whale watching in the fog takes alot of patience and we were rewarded big time. We found a whale called Lacuna just off the buoys. All whales have different personalities, Lacuna is the class clown! Close approaches rolling upside down and going underneath the boat, having a good look at us , flipper slapping what a fun trip! After Lacuna had enough of us he swam away in the fog and i am told joined up with 6 other humpacks down off the rip. We then went near western light and came across Photon with her calf.

August 17, 2009, Quoddy Link MarineHey everyone, I have some great news to report, we had our first humpback whale sighting of the 2009 season on our 2:00 pm departure today! The young whale was first reported by Fundy Tide Runners and we were very surprised to hear how close to home the humpback was sighted. We had heard that the humpback was not fluking (raising it's tail) much but to our surprise and the absolute delight of our passengers the young whale started tail breaching and lobtailing very close to the boat! 

August 18, 2009, Grand Manan Whales and Seabird Research Station: The weekend had more right whales arriving in the Bay of Fundy, with an estimated 40 or more along a narrow stretch. Prior to this, the New England Aquarium had photographed and/or identified 33 different whales including seven calves since the beginning of August. The whales are close to Grand Manan on the western side of the Grand Manan Basin. 
August 19, 2009, Quoddy Link Marine: Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update on our sightings for the past few days. We have had some great sightings of finbacks, last night we had 5 individuals! The whales have been very consistent which helps with some of the weather. This afternoon we had a minke whale lunge feed many times, with so much was fantastic!

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