Saturday, August 1, 2009

LOTS of life in Head Harbour Passage

Hey Art and readers of I Love Quoddy WILD!  Today was a great day on the water and there was so much life in the Passage!  It's been slower for the past couple days but as we come off of the big tides it's amazing to see the life come back.

The birds we saw today in or at the mouth are:
- Gulls (herring, greater black backed and Bonapartes)
- Arctic terns
- Phalaropes (by the hundreds....confirmed by T. Dean)
- Jagers
- Shearwaters (greater and sooty)
- Wilson's Storm Petrels
- Northern gannets
- Cormorants
- puffins
- guillemots

We had at least 3 minke whales in the Passage today (including a lunge feeding minke in the Old Sow) and they were easier to watch today, moving around less and the fog lifted more today.

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