Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kayakers' close encounters.- August 10

Hello Art,
We were out on a full day kayak tour yesterday, August 10th, one double and 4 singles, and found ourselves approximately 300 yards off of the south east corner of Casco Island at 3 pm, when a Minke whale surfaced 4 times in total before going for a deep dive, the second surfacing not more than 25 feet south of our kayaks! What a spectacular and special moment. Another kayaker paddling around told us there were actually two Minkes around south Casco for the last few hours. High tide was at 2:38 pm so the fishing must have been good. A few minutes earlier, paddling towards Casco from Sandy, we were also treated to 5 porpoises in very close proximity to the boats. The seas were too rough and the surfacing of the Minke too surprising to for us to get our cameras ready.
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