Monday, August 17, 2009

From Lesley on the water at West Isles, Aug.17

There were 2 fins just off the back of White Island near the well as several minkes....also a pod of porpoises and lots of fish...and half way between St. Andrews and L'Etete there was a large jellyfish bloom that turned the surface all white..( this I heard about ...the rest I saw ) .

My comment. They had better watch out for the aquaculture pesticide treatments. All this will vanish. Joyce

Editors Comment: The jellyfish is likely the Moon Jellyfish, Aurelia aurita. It is normal for there to be large numbers in Passamaquoddy Bay and West Isles during the summer, although they have been reduced in recent years. Their apparent return is a good sign since they are food or provide food for sunfish (Mola mola), Leatherback turtles and seabirds. They will all die by late fall and overwinter as tiny scyphistoma. I'll tell you all about these later. They're really cool. Art

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