Friday, August 28, 2009

Bay of Fundy's Simpson Hill and Karen's Cache Receive High Praise from Geocachers

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From UTube: Filmed by Sarah Bood of St Andrews, this shows young Valerie trekking up Simpson Hill in Bayside, NB last Earth Day, 2008, discovering Karen's Cache, (GC-NAVV) ,and finally reaching Table Top.

And from ...

Location: New Brunswick, Canada
wileylakers found Karen's Cache (Traditional Cache) at 8/26/2009

Log Date: 8/26/2009
Ascent was great exercise and absolutely worth the amazing view! The walking sticks were a great idea. Thanks.

Spent some time just enjoying the spirituality of the place. Wish we lived close enough to visit it often. Karen must have been very special.

T- pin and travel bug(M26QJP)
L-sun and house

Visit this log entry at the below address:

Visit Karen's Cache

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