Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bay of Fundy Right Whales Back Near Head Harbour Lighthouse!

Cara Fitzsimmons, who works for us, also works for Mac Greene. Yesterday, she told us, she was out on the boat with Mac and IFAW researchers. They were about a mile and a half off the lighthouse (Head Harbour Lightstation) between the lighthouse and Wolves. A right whale was spotted around 1 PM and Mac was out there from 5 to 7 pm. A right whale with a calf and an older male right whale were there all that time. The calf was , Mac thinks, between 5 and 7 tons. They are born around one ton. Cara said the cow would dive and the calf would dive, but the calf could not get that tail part of the dive right. Finally the calf did do a perfect dive with the arched tail and everyone cheered. He got it right!
The older right whale with them had been documented for 20 years. Cara did not remember the name.

Photo: Head Harbour Lighthouse and porpoise.

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  1. The female is 2791 with her calf and the male is 1124, Tips.