Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finbacks and porpoise, July 6th

Finbacks today, July 6th
The two finbacks together were not around, but a very big greyish finback was in at high tide nearly to the rocks at the light, with all the whale boats clustered near the lighthouse.  I would have had a wonderful shot, but I was on the other side. 
When we did got over there were several finbacks, large and small, near the lighthouse, mostly in the ecological area and in Head Harbour Passage. Also a minke in Head Harbour inlet and near the rocks at the light.
 Many, many harbour porpoise scattered around all over the place. You could hear them breathing, it was calm. They would come out Head Harbour Passage and go into the ecological area on a regular basis, every minute or two there were more. . Joyce

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