Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bug Watching at the Ganong Nature Park

As soon as I was in the parking lot, the Sweet White Clover (Melilotus alba) grabbed my attention. I was not the only one; the flower was frequented by all varieties of bugs - boatflys, wasps, bees, caterpillars, spiders, shield bugs etc.

The bumble-bee (Bombus sp.) and goldenrod crab spider (Misumena vatia) stole the show. I've spotted Misumena several times this summer, usually white, and poised to strike. The spider doesn't spin a web (webbing is predominantly used to "tie-down" the females for mating) but waits with open arms. Certainly an interesting spectacle at the park.

Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman,
Stephen Raye
Environmental Technician
Ganong Nature and Marine Park

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