Monday, July 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Conservation Council Rep to Speak at Sunbury Shores

Hi All,

Hope you are all having a great summer.

I wanted to let you know that I will be speaking at Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre tomorrow night at 7pm.

I will be discussing the health of our bay and some of the major threats facing the Fundy system at present. I will overview some of the measures we are taking to try to address the threats and I will argue that we need to allow our marine ecosystems to be as resilient as possible to weather the serious threats facing our oceans generally and the Bay of Fundy particularly. I plan to speak for about half an hour, leaving half an hour or so for discussion.

I will also have copies of publications we have put out over the years.

Thanks, and hope to see you tomorrow.


-- Matthew Abbott
Fundy Baykeeper
3 Prince of Wales,
St Andrews, NB
E5B 3W9
(506) 529-8838
mobile - (506) 321-0429 

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