Tuesday, December 7, 2010

COUGAR: Sights and sounds from Woolastook Game Farm area

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Close up of a Cougar CubImage by jibber11 via Flickr

(Bill Ensor has spent his life in the woods as a professional with DNR. His sighting is hard to discount. Art)

From Facebook:

  • Bill Ensor Art, Back in the early 70's a friend and I saw a cougar, one bound, broadside at the confluence of Mountain and Mazerolle Sett Rd., approx 25 feet from car so we had a good look, full daylight. The location was about 2kms. (as crow flies) from the Woolsatook Game Farm compound.In conversation with Charlie Bartlett, who was on site owner of Woolastook, I learned that his two cougars inside the compound had been yowlling (talking) to another outside the compound at this same time.

  • Art MacKay Neat Bill ... particularly Charlie's observation. I remember growing up in St. Stephen and reports from the Ledge were frequent and just part of the local conversation. I worked with Bruce Wright at UNB "back in the day" (as the kids say) and he convinced me.

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    1. Hi Art and Bill, I was at Bruce Wright's house in Fredericton in 1957 at a party hosted by his son, and all of us were talking about the fact that his father was known for having observed cougars in the NB wilderness. Not too many years later, my mother, a biologist, saw one...and I always hoped that the species would continue to survive in NB. I'm glad to know it has. Judy (Maclellan) Gibson