Tuesday, December 7, 2010

COUGAR: Anyone heard something like this on a cold, cold night?

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  1. Owen House to me
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    I lived in Minnesota from 1961 to 1971. During those years I used to ride my Morgan/ Arab horse with a friend who had an appaloosa. We went all over the area out into the wildest places, old roads, huge unused farm fields, wood trails. One evening after work we were way out somewhere and nearly lost as the disk was coming on and the sun had just set.. With horses you can get lost because they always know the way home. We had decided to turn and go back. We were surrounded with old fields and a long disused grassy road that we had come in on. Suddenly we heard the most incredible spine chilling scream like woman being murdered. We froze in fear and my friend called out” Where are you!” since we thought it might be someone in trouble. The horses started to shake and tremble and prance so hard that it was nearly impossible to hold them where they were. The call came again, but in a different place. We then knew that it was a cougar and we let the horses run. I never moved so fast on a horse in my life, and we got out of there in short order. We never looked back to see if we were being pursued, but we imagined that we were and it lent flight to our speed. I will never forget that evening or the sound of that scream.

    Once in New Mexico when we wintered up in the Ponderosa forest I watched a cougar walk calmly around the front porch and down the ranch road. Another time I saw a deer hurrying past the house down the road and in a few minutes it was followed by a cougar trotting purposefully after the deer. Another time we were walking with the dogs to a high outcropping of rock that was a good outlook over the valley. This was a half hour walk from the house and we liked this walk because it was so beautiful. As we approached the outcropping that was on a high narrow rocky overlook we saw the fresh cougar tracks in the mud that led directly to the overlook. We turned right around and went the other way. The dogs were happy to turn around. We stopped using the overlook as a destination for our walk.