Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fundy Wonders Website first post features West Isles aerial by Tim Foulkes.

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SPECIAL PLACES: West Isles from Letite Passage–one of Fundy’s “Ecological Engines”
Posted on October 27, 2010 by Art

This aerial by Tim Foulkes shows the multitude of islands and ledges that make up one of the Bay of Fundy’s key “ecological engines”; places where local productivity is so high that it supports the highest biodiversity on the east coast of Canada. Twice each day, tons of water are forced through the myriad shallow channels of West Isles. As the water is squeezed through these natural “funnels”, it concentrates the plankton making this food readily available to bottom dwelling filter feeders which occur in vast underwater “gardens”. These creatures in turn spew off hundreds of thousands of eggs, sperm or larvae causing a localized burst in productivity which is the foundation of the high populations of fish, birds and marine mammals that come here to feed off this natural wealth.

Letite is in the foreground where the Deer Island ferry can be seen docking. Deer Island is the large island in the upper right, Maine is behind Deer Island, Campobello Island is at the top just left of centre and Grand Manan can be seen in the distance in the upper left.

Art MacKay

IMG_2276 R.94 Outer Islands
Photo Credit: Tim Foulkes

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