Sunday, August 22, 2010

More on whale - boat collision at Campobello.

Joyce M. Campobello.
A small boat containing five people was speeding home just before dark and collided with a whale( one of three) in Head Harbour Passage. The boat shot straight up in the air and the people fell into the water-- just as well because the boat sank very fast. Some had life jackets, some did not. One could not swim. There were boats nearby who rescued the people very fast. No one was in very bad shape. The ambulance came , but only one young girl was cut and needed stiches. There is no information on what happoened to the whale. The people were all from Campobello.

CBC Website:
A whale and a pleasure craft carrying a family of five collided off Campobello Island, N.B., on Saturday night, sinking the boat in the Bay of Fundy.
The three men and two women were rescued by a passing sardine carrier. Two people were taken to hospital.
The collision happened around 7:30 p.m.
A whale rescue team was searching for the whale Sunday in the bay. The mammal, believed to be injured, was either a finback or a minke.

Check the comments at CBC. Not necessarily worth-while ... but worth reading if you are interested in the state of the human condition. Same is true for the dead right whale story in the Bangor Daily News.

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