Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bay of Fundy - Sperm Whales and more during trip to Grand Manan Basin.

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 23:41:42 -0300 From: Laurie Murison <gmwhale@NBNET.NB.CA> 

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Subject: jaegar, cory's, sperm whales

Heading out from North Head today August 21 on the Elsie Menota, we had a pomarine jaegar almost in the harbour - would probably be visible from the ferry if it stays in the area.  The tail feathers or spoons were present.

Later in the day we had a Cory's shearwater fly right by our boat - just above Clarks Ground, southeast of White Head Island.

We found at least 4 sperm whales in the Grand Manan Basin.  I was only able to get flukes shots from one of the whales which were different than 3 others that we have seen.  Unfortunately, our time was limited and I didn't get any other tail shots, but another sighting from a research vessel made it certainly possible that there were 5 sperm whales seen today.

We also saw fin, humpback and right whales, a breaching basking shark and a small shark.

Laurie Murison
Grand Manan, NB

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