Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bay of Fundy Birds at Quoddy


Seabird numbers have been steadily increasing in the Quoddy Region of Maine and New Brunswick for the past week or so. I've seen upwards of 300 Bonaparte's Gulls and 100 Common Terns and Arctic Terns in one feeding flock. Northern Gannets, Razorbills, and Great Cormorants are also common among the islands in numbers <50.

There are at least four different Minke Whales and two Fin Whales hanging out in the area.
On July 27th I found a Lesser Black-backed Gull (second cycle feeding on the mudflats in Eastport with ~100 other large gulls. On July 28th I saw my first Little Gull of the season at the Old Sow whirlpool which borders Eastport, Maine and Deer Island, New Brunswick. A little while later I found two adult Little Gulls roosting about 12 feet apart on Sandy Ledge, NB, with ~170 Bonaparte's and ~60 Common/Arctic Terns.

Photos of the Little Gulls can be seen here:
Cheers, -Chris Bartlett, Eastport From Nature NB.

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