Monday, March 1, 2010

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A new threat to whales has arisen. Please make your position known by following this link and writing President Obama...

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Thanks to Jude Valentine

Obama, Say no to commercial whaling

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In an altogether baffling move, a small working group of the International Whaling Commission has proposed the reinstatement of commercial whaling in order to save the whales.

This proposal is not about saving whales, however, as much as it's about saving the whaling industry. It would allow whaling to take place in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, not only letting the slaughter of whales there to continue but legitimizing it as well. And by legitimizing all whaling, the proposal would secure the future of whaling instead of seeking to phase it out. With a single stroke, this proposal would reverse nearly three decades of progress in protecting endangered whale species.

The claim that this proposal to reinstate commercial whaling will save whales is without merit. In fact, the proposal would set quotas – the number of whales each country is allowed to catch – based on political need, not scientific evidence. Nothing could be more disastrous to fragile whale populations than caving to political pressure rather than listening to scientists about the best way to protect healthy whale populations.

We made huge progress in saving the whales once and for all back in the 80s when we stopped commercial whaling. We can save them from this threat too, but we need your help. The US will announce its position on the proposal at a meeting of the IWC in Florida this week. Please take action now to tell President Obama that he should be helping to save whales, not whaling.

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