Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello from CBC TV and Radio

Hi Art,

My name's Chris Corday and I'm a video journalist with CBC in Saint
John. I'm an avid reader of your other blog, and recently came upon I
Love Quoddy Wild. What a great resource!

I noticed your note for contributors and thought it would be a good
hook for a feature story about the blog and the people involved with

Wondering if it would be possible to do a story with you about the blog
over the next couple of weeks, get out on the coast/the islands with
yourself and a couple of contributors, talk about and get pictures of
the whales/other wildlife in the area, and get video of you folks
getting pictures of them!

Just a nice way to remind NBers of the natural wealth in Passamaquoddy
Bay this time of year, and the neat people who care about it.

Do you think this would be possible?

Let me know what you think.... and if you're interested in this, when
you and the other contributors would be available.

(NOTE: For me sometime the week after next would be best, on a
weekday... and hopefully on a clear lovely day like today!)

Hope to hear from you, Art.


Chris Corday
Video Journalist
CBC New Brunswick

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