Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trail use at Simpson Hill grows.

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Bay of Fundy's Simpson Hill, located at Bayside, NB, is seeing more and more use. Thanks for sharing Tim. Art

It is rather wonderful to see so many people using our trails.

As word spreads, the increase in visits to all our trails is very noticeable in how they are worn, in addition to all the log entries.

Attached is a recent notice regarding Karen's Cache at Table Top on Simpson Hill, one of many attractions to be found on this mountain.

The author of this log entry is a teacher at the St Stephen Middle School where they have formed a geocaching club for the kids.

(More accurate reporting may be warranted regarding the geocaching initiatives at the Middle School. I'm a lousy journalist!)

Amongst the thousands of geocaches available in Atlantic Canada, Karen's Cache, GCNAVV, in Bayside, is known in the community as a "must", as are return visits to Simpson Hill and its many trails!

This notice may be found published on the web at:
(so I presume it is OK to publish elsewhere)

Other trail advocates of an older generation (mentioned in the post above) will surely be these three ladies that came down from Saint John just to enjoy Thanksgiving day on Simpson Hill.

Tim Foulkes, Bayside, NB.

[LOG] Owner: D10TechMentor found Karen's Cache (Traditional Cache)
12 Oct 2009 16:51:00 -0700

You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing.

Location: New Brunswick, Canada
D10TechMentor found Karen's Cache (Traditional Cache) at 10/12/2009

Log Date: 10/12/2009
Happy Thanksgiving Monday!  A lovely day for a hike on a hill!  The ascent was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated, but my 2 children made the trek without a complaint.  They couldn't wait to find the "treasure".  What an amazing place.  The view is wonderful here.  On another day I would love to come with a quieter group to really appreciate the surroundings!  DJGoliath, the kids and myself traded a few trinkets, signed the log and took pictures.  Best of all was the company.  Another group of hikers were on their way out as we arrived along with whom I suspect are the 2 creators of the cache.  We had a lovely chat!  Two canine friends wanted us to stay and play, but we had to "hit the road".  We took a steeper trail back, along many beautiful pools.  The hiking sticks came in handy!  We will return another day to be sure!  TFTC!  
ps - nice to see some students had signed the logbook from one of our schools!  Go Bobcats!

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Visit Karen's Cache

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