Friday, October 23, 2009

Quoddy Mist Sea Salt

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You can't find a more local and sustainable business than this. Congratulations and good luck to the folks at Quoddy Mist. Spread the word folks. Thanks to Vera F. via Twitter



The coast of Maine has long been associated with the cold and pristine crashing surf that is home to Quoddy Mist, a division of L&C Enterprise LLC. Our facility located in Lubec, Maine accesses seawater daily from the Bay of Fundy, which has the greatest tidal range in the world (over 50 feet near the head of the bay) providing Atlantic Saltworks of Maine with a nutrient rich and unique natural resource which is the key to its distinctive flavor and texture.

Quoddy Mist produces an all natural high quality sea salt in a variety of grades, crystal sizes and flavors of sea salt and caters to white tablecloth restaurants, natural food stores and specialty gourmet shops throughout North America.

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    Nice plug, Art. I'm a big fan of Clayton's and of his sea salt. Thanks for helping get the word out.