Friday, September 11, 2009

Bay of Fundy community blog makes important statement about the Quoddy Ecosystem

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 The I Love Quoddy WILD blog (ILQW) has turned out to be a dynamic and vital community resource that is defining the importance of the Quoddy ecosystem. Posts from community contributors throughout the area are making it clear that this is a unique and important place for whales, fish, birds, invertebrates and humans. Each day, new and exciting reports arrive to be shared with subscribers around the world.

In fact, we know that Quoddy has a sustainable "eco-economy" that brings in well over a half billion dollars each year in Canada and substantial revenues on the American shore as well. Turning Quoddy into an industrial port and production centre is just not a sensible option for most of us.

Now, thanks to our many contributors, the ILQW blog has been used to illustrate to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) just how important this place really is. Photos and posts about the  abundance of whales and other creatures illustrate better than any dry report, the plethora of life that is here in Quoddy, right now, today, in near real time!!

If you would like to see the presentation submitted to the Downeast LNG and Calais LNG FERC dockets, follow the links and instructions below. Unfortunately many folks like Senator Susan Collins of Maine just don't seem to get it (See her comments). So tell your friends to express their feelings to FERC as well and to spread the word to Senator Collins and others about this special gift that we all should protect and enjoy!!

Thanks for your support and interest,
Art MacKay

Docket(s):   PF08-24-000
Filing Type:  Comment on Filing
Description:  Comment of Arthur A. MacKay Current whale, bird, fish, and human activity in Head Harbour Passage shows the importance of this ecosystem under PF08-24. 

To view the document for this Filing, click here

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