Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vandalizing the whales

Last night( before 8pm) there were many whales in Head Harbour Passage. It looked like 8, but was not easy to count them. Two whales were traveling very close together, as these whales usually do. A little work boat, white, with a cutty on it ( not a whale watching boat, and not a yacht type boat) was in around the whales. They were pulling a small boat, like a dory, on a long rope. They deliberately powered the boat up between and on top of the two whales, and drove the whales apart. The people in the boat were laughing hysterically all the time. The two whales stayed down a long time after that.
The whales are a valuable community resource and are subject to damage by irresponsible and ignorant acts, like this one. People on the water need to report acts like this. I wish I had the number of the boat.  Joyce 

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