Sunday, August 9, 2009

Night-time whale excitement in Passamaquoddy Bay

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Last night (August 8) my daughter Karen and her cousin Mike were having a beach fire at the end of Holt's Point Road in Bocabec ... way up in the north end of the Bay.

It was well after dark and they were attracted to fireworks coming from St.Andrews or somewhere to the south. The moon was bright and rising. As they walked along the beach to get a better look at the fireworks, they were startled to hear four, well-spaced and loud, blows from a surfacing whale just off the shore. Mike saw the dark shape as it surfaced and disturbed the water. He comment that it was "really big!"

Porpoise? Minke? Finback?  I've heard many stories about the larger whales entering Passamaquoddy Bay at night to chase feed. Their description sounded like a finback. But who knows.

Anyone been out on the water during these delightful moonlit nights? Let us know if you too saw or heard any whales right up in Passamaquoddy Bay.

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