Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bay of Fundy's Quoddy Region - Undiscovered Birding Paradise

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The website supplies information on some of the best trails in Maine and includes the Quoddy Region's Campobello and Grand Manan as well. If you love birding this is a great site. If not, tell your bird-loving friends about the "undiscovered" Quoddy Region. Spread the word.

Oh yes, the webmaster Bob Duschesne has a new book out called "Maine Birding Trail". You can read about it on The Working Waterfront.



Excerpt from Website:

Washington County has everything except crowds. It would be one of the most heavily birded areas in America, if America’s birders only knew about it.

The region has every northern forest habitat: mature hardwood, mixed growth, and thick stands of boreal softwood. It has fast and slow rivers, marsh and bog wetlands, rocky coasts and mud flats, grasslands and blueberry barrens. It has two national wildlife refuges and one of the best offshore nesting islands on the east coast. All of Maine’s most highly sought-after species are found here, sometimes in abundance.

Winter holds pleasant surprises. The population of sea ducks triples in winter. Bald Eagles are seen everywhere. In some winters, flocks of American Robins gather by the hundreds to eat the berries near Quoddy Head State Park in subzero temperatures. It is the first place to be invaded by redpolls, Northern Shrikes, and crossbills each December.

Few of the recommended trails and sites have facilities, so never waste an opportunity to stop in one of the coastal communities and fishing villages. This is an area of stark beauty and simple living. Lodging and dining opportunities are plentiful but not extravagant. Chain restaurants are few and far between. You won’t miss them.

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