Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rufus is looking for your help!

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Rufus is a bobcat kitten. When he was just 2 or 3 weeks old, he was found wandering, alone, in a forest harvest zone.

Today, going on three months old, he’s a healthy, energetic handful. As a matter of fact, like any normal youngster, he can be a bit of a roughneck at times. But he’s still far too young to be out on his own. If we had to release him now, he’d never make it through the winter.

That wouldn’t even be an issue, except for one thing. The recent economic downturn has put our services at risk. Many charitable foundations on which we count have seen their holdings shrink drastically. As a result, their support for our work has shrunk too.

Yet, the need hasn’t shrunk. If we can’t find alternate sources of funding, we will have to cut back on our humanitarian and educational activities. Even as I write, we face higher food and shelter costs for the many animals in our care.

Besides Rufus, we are sheltering more than 60 other birds and animals: two bears, two eagles, two snowy owls, a dozen waterfowl, a fox, a white-tailed deer and many others.

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