Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fog Bailer Found?

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Picture may follow soon or never ... it seems we broke a Project Gutenburg (humourless) rule. Sorry guys.

I think this is an early patented fog bailer. I found the description very confusing, but I think the drawing in the upper right shows the opening (c) where a vacuum is created to suck in the fog laden air. Drawing A shows how the water is released when the flap rises. See the little outlet (s) that the water passes through. This is where Bob Godfrey would collect his fog juice. I have no idea what the calibrated contraptions are for.
Anyway, this is much earlier than the boat-mounted versions described by Gordon Weatherby.
Now does anyone have a line on a manufacturer.

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  1. As to a manufacture -- the Perry, Maine selectman would be more than happy to set up a pine tree zone, give a tax break, go out on a limb, apply for grants, kiss the Gov's butt, and generally make fools of themselves in order to set up a plant which would employ two out of work (due to red tide) clam diggers, and the current members of the Quoddy Pilots. Perhpas with a slight bit of modification you could get the bailer to turn Old Sow on and off a t will to the delight of the tourists.