Friday, July 10, 2009

Contributors Needed Immediately

The season is well underway now with plenty of minke whales and porpoise and the arrival of finbacks at the mouth of Head Harbour Passage. The humpbacks and right whales will soon be arriving.

But we have some large holes in our information. If you work or live in the following areas, please email us your sightings.

Grand Manan Channel
Grand Manan
Lubec, Eastport, Cobscook
Passamaquoddy Bay
St. Croix River Estuary
Blacks Harbour coast

How many, where and when is all we need. Add a picture attachment if you have one and send to: artmackay.ilovequoddywild at No photo? Then just send a text message or email about what you saw. It's as simple as that and important too.
Your post will be on and our Fundy whale map.

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