Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing Fin Whales Video off East Quoddy Head Light

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Editor's Note: I had trouble embedding the code for Danielle's fantastic video, so I've included the link. Hope it works. Art

Hey everyone. We had such an amazing trip yesterday afternoon off of the entrance to Head Harbour Passage with finback whales. There were 3 individuals that we got to see, many times. We spent over an hour with the whales and it was amazing! I got some video today that I wanted to share with you. All of the videos were shot from the upper deck, in one you can see the railing of the boat and you can see me walking across the upper deck, we were so lucky and the whales came so close.


I also got some video of harbour porpoise, these guys are fast so the video is not very long but I hope you enjoy it. The second part you can see the porpoise under the water, it's a great view on the upper deck on a sunny day

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  1. Hey Art, I don't think the link worked but here is a link to the post n the Quoddy Link Marine Blog